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Bangladesh is one of the highest disease-burdened countries in the world for ocular morbidity, with tremendously low cataract surgery rates per million population per year. It is estimated that the prevalence of blindness in Bangladesh is 1.53% among the population aged 30 years and older. It is much more among those 50 years and over. Cataracts are responsible for 80% of blindness, making it the leading cause of blindness. Every year 150,000 new cataract cases are added to the current backlog. The current cataract surgery coverage meets only one-third of the total needs of the country.

The gift of vision eye camp project aims to help destitute adults and children with their eyesight. The project will tackle those who are unable to read, write and conduct everyday tasks due to some form of ocular morbidity.

The camp will have specialist optometrists and ophthalmic surgeons on site who will conduct eye examinations for all age groups.

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