The Aydin Foundation was set up in the memory of baby Aydin Kamaly, who passed away at the age of 16 months whilst on holiday.

The foundation was started by Aydin’s parents Fahmida and Rumel Kamaly in order to keep his memory alive. Aydin’s main two loves were his love for water and books. The foundation will be focusing on providing aid around these two causes. The purpose of the foundation is to educate, teach and provide. The Aydin Foundation has a 100% Donation Policy.

Aydin’s love of water and books is broad which allows the foundation to focus on different projects surrounding these. The clean water project allows for implementation of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. Whilst the ‘Gift of vision’ project, enables The Aydin Foundation to focus on helping people retain their vision (or indeed give their vision back through Cataract Surgery) to allow them to read and prosper.

Mission Statement

100% Donation Policy

The Aydin Foundation has a 100% donation policy. Every penny you donate will go towards the projects. 

Our Vision

The Aydin Foundation seeks to make a positive change on the lives of people in Africa and the Asian Subcontinent through cleaner water and educational programs. The target is to increase the number of projects year on year.

Long Terms Goals

The foundations targets are to reduce aid dependency and encourage self-sufficiency, allowing villages to depend on its own resources. For example, a source of clean water, in the form of a water well, would give access to a village to clean drinking water to feed themselves, its agriculture and livestock. Providing education will allow those to trade its agriculture, crops and other products. The classic example of ‘give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime’, The Aydin Foundation is looking to feed villages for a lifetime.

Short Term Goals

To establish The Aydin Foundation as a recognized charity conducting international water and educational based projects. The foundation will aim to secure corporate backing via sponsorships and partner programs whilst conducting its first projects in parts of Asia and Africa. The Foundation will continue its fundraising efforts through fun runs, bake sales and other activities from the local community.