The Aydin Foundation announces its first projects.

Gift of Vision Project

The foundations first project will be named the ‘Gift of Vision’. The project is to help needy children and adults by providing eye care treatments from vision correction lenses to cataract surgeries and everything in-between.

The project will begin by a member of the foundation travelling to Bangladesh on 8th March 2019. They will be visiting deprived villages in and around Sylhet announcing the eye camp whilst organising the setup of the eye camps in the village of Shaharpara, which is situated in the Sunamgonj district of Bangladesh.

The camp has been booked to take place on Saturday 23 March 2019 where 15 eye specialist doctors will set up for the initial eye check-up assessment.

We are expecting a large turnout for this and we will be there in person to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Clean Water Project

First sets of deep water wells will be built in Bangladesh. Deep water wells are ideal to serve a community. The wells draw water from 100 metres beneath the ground making them dependable during all seasons.

We will be building 15 deep water wells in the following villages in and around the Sunamganj District in the division of Sylhet:

  • Dowarabazar / Sullah – to build 4 deep wells
  • Derai  – to build 3 deep wells
  • Dokkin Sunamganj – to build 4 deep wells
  • Tahirpur – to build 4 deep wells

The construction of the wells will start from Friday 8th March 2019. We will be in Bangladesh during 20th March until 30th March 2019 where we will be overseeing the projects and expecting to see most of the wells near to complete.

Bayaka children wash their hands at a charity: water well, July 7, 2010.